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Skyworks is a specialist in top-end aerial filming and footage - we create unique aerial HD stock footage for use in film and broadcast productions, advertising and corporate video, and all types of interactive applications. Filmed in HDCAM SR video, our aerial HD stock footage archive is the largest of its kind in the world, and is used by top international broadcasters such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and the BBC. We also make our own broadcast TV programming, and create cutting edge interactive content based around our HD aerial video content.





Aerial HD Stock Footage of outstanding quality
Search our library of over 150,000 clips covering 3 continents; most are online - see also our showreels page with footage of places and themes. Read more about how our aerial stock footage can add production values and keep costs under control.


Interactive Content
that engages and inspires

MediaSavi™, an inspirator and content UI for travel and tourism; i-Savi™, a consumer video map and video messaging application; geotagged microclips™ for dynamic shortform video content. Skyworks interactive content gives the travel industry unique tools to inspire and inform visitors and 'explorers', as well as containing engaging messaging platforms and stunning original content.


Television and Web programming and content
Skyworks has produced well over 100 factual documentaries for broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV, Discovery and Smithsonian Channel. We also produce for companies and causes. Our documentaries are made to the highest standard and have attracted record-breaking audiences.


The South Dakota Department of Tourism’s experience with Skyworks can be summed up in one word:  Outstanding!  The principals at Skyworks are professional, punctual, cutting-edge, intelligent, helpful, engaging, and just plain all-around great guys.  We are proud to give them our ‘seal of approval’.

— James D. Hagen
South Dakota Department of Tourism, USA

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Our Aerial HD Archive Site - where you can view and order our stock footage

Our Showreel Page - where you can see our short showreels from around the world

Our YouTube Channel - where you will find other material, trailers and viewers

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